Teeth Aligner Brand Reviews



Byte may seem the same as every other clear aligner brand online, but they have certain differences that may make it favorable compared to other brands. They offer you a different methodology for determining your clear aligner treatment. Lifetime guarantee for your aligners. As well as an accelerated teeth alignment system. Their exceptional customer experience is also a highlight to why this company is one of the best invisible aligner brands out in the market.


ClearCorrect is a Texas based company that is a well-established provider of clear aligner corrections. They are a top competitor to Invisalign by setting attractive prices. It is typically used to treat minor to medium malocclusions. This company guides you through the process and seamlessly connects you with orthodontists near you. Their top-notch support specialists are fully committed to helping you on your smile journey.

Smile Direct Club

aligners. Founded in 2014, Smile Direct Club has continued with their success of changing smiles. They are the first to come in this business and are also leading the direction for other companies. Not only do they offer an at-home impression kit, but they are setting physical stores labeled as SmileShops. These are offices where you can get a 3D scan of your smile in person, rather than doing it yourself at home.


Candid is a New York based company that truly cares for your smile and the quality of their teeth aligners. Their focus is bringing you the best quality aligners working with their professional orthodontists‘ specific criteria’s. This includes being a licensed orthodontist with 20 years of experience and 2 years of teeth-moving, postdoctoral training. They rank high all across the board for quality, price, and customer service through reputable sources (Product Hunt, Google, Facebook, and more).


Smilelove is another online company that ships customized clear aligners to your doorstep. They offer a convenient and affordable way to straighten your teeth and build confidence in your smile. Without having to visit a dentist, you can avoid all the fees and high price that come with the traditional route of braces. Instead, one of Smilelove’s professionally licensed dental providers will develop and oversee your treatment remotely.


Aligner Co. is one of the new brands getting recognition. Their FDA-approved aligners are ultra-clear and they are offered at the best price on the market. Also, Aligner Co. ranks high for one of the best teeth aligners available based on the price to quality ratio. Aligner Co. may not offer everything else that other providers do, but that does not take away from their top-quality service and results.


SnapCorrect was one of the first home aligner companies to break through the market, while also offering some of the lowest prices in the industry. Reputable sources rank this company fairly high according to criteria’s such as effectiveness, affordability, convenience, appearance, and customer support. Trust Pilot ranks them with an overall score of 4.2 out of 5. Although they may not be our top recommendation with everything else available, their low price point definitely makes them an option to look at.